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South African National List of Trees No. 298

Family: Meliaceae

Common Name: Cape Ash.

Name from: common name from the general resemblance to the European Ash, Fraxinus excelsior.

Habit: medium- to large-sized evergreen or semi-deciduous tree, with a cylindrical trunk and a large bushy crown.

Height: 7 - 10m, occasionally up to 25m.

Bark: whitish-grey and smooth when young, dark grey, fissured and scaly when older.

Leaves: pinnate, spirally arranged, glossy green, sometimes with a pinkish patch or edge.

Flower: small, white, sweet-scented. Sept. - Nov.

Wood: pale yellow to pinkish-brown, light, soft and even-grained.

Fruit: medium-sized round berries, yellowish to bright red. Dec. - Apr.

Uses: wood occasionally used for furniture. The bark has been used for tanning, the roots to treat headaches and coughs, and the leaves as a remedy for intestinal worms.

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Other information sources are listed on the References page.