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South African National List of Trees No. 383.2

Family: Anacardiaceae

Common Name: Blue Kuni-bush.

Habit: much-branched shrub, rarely a small tree. Branches angular, covered with powdery resin.

Height: up to 5m.

Bark: grey-brown to grey-white.

Leaves: spirally-arranged, trifoliate, small, glossy green, with a resinous coating, margin wavy.

Flower: very small, white to greenish-white, in multi-flowered axillary and terminal heads. June - Sept.

Fruit: spherical, reddish-brown. Aug. - Sept.

Uses: useful for stabilising dunes.

Acknowledgements:  information has primarily been sourced, and often directly quoted, from:

F von Breitenbach. Southern Cape Forests and Trees.  The Government Printer, Pretoria: 1974.                        This excellent reference work has also been produced in abbreviated form as the "Southern Cape Tree Guide", originally published in 1985. It has recently been reprinted and is available at the SAN Parks / Dept of Forestry offices in Knysna .

Keith Coates Palgrave. Trees of Southern Africa.  Struik, Cape Town:  1981.

Other information sources are listed on the References page.